Tuesday, March 22, 2011

At What Point Does Nesting Take Precedence Over a Nap?

Week 29 this week which means only 11 weeks until Lil Miss Sonnie is due to make her arrival! You know, saying that I'm 29 weeks along makes it sound like there's a lot left to go in the pregnancy. But saying that there are 11 weeks left makes it sounds like I have a LOT to get accomplished before she arrives! I kinda started a registry but I really need to go finish it out (especially since everything I picked out in my online registering were things that could only be purchased online-whoops!). And I need to pick out a rocker. And should probably pick a pediatrician. And read up a bit more on labor & delivery...I've heard about this "walking epidural" that gives you relief from the pain without as much medication (e.g., your legs don't go numb hence the "walking" part). I'd like to check into that. And get the room that a lot of her stuff will go in ready. And go pick up the crib that's been offered to us.

Yet, none of that sounds as appealing as a nap. 

I'm sure my drive to do more will pick up. That somewhere along the lines the "nesting instinct" will hit full-force and I will accomplish many great and wonderful things. I had goals for that this weekend. Great lofty goals. They just got interrupted by naps. Oh well...

In talking with bestie Amy, I said that while in many ways Sonnie is my first (first pregnancy, first child that has a chance of looking like me, first newborn), there's a LOT of ways that she's my fourth too (too many things going on with the other 3 kids to really give that overdrive of attention that the first baby typically gets). I don't think that's all bad. Had she been my first in every way, I'm sure I would've been obsessive over all of this stuff. I would've stressed over if this was the right thing to do or if that was the right thing to do. Things would've had to be more "perfect". But this way, I'm just along for the ride and loving every minute. Not to say there aren't things I can get obsessive or worried about but it's really been minimized compared to the potential that's there. There are days that I'm envious of the posts I read on an online board from other FTMs (first time mommies) where they spent their evening playing "tag" with the baby in their bellies for hours, so they say. I've only accomplished this game once and it lasted about 5 minutes. But I also feel so bad when I read about those moms obsessing b/c their baby didn't move for an hour and they're ready to run to the ER. I have to stop and think, "did I feel her move today while I was at work? Oh of course...she was thumping on my bladder like a trampoline in the middle of that meeting! How could I forget?!" I'm sure there were times where she didn't move and I didn't notice. And that's okay. I've got enough awareness that she's got regular movement throughout the day to let me just be at peace and not riddled with worry. It's a nice feeling.

Speaking of things to worry about, I feel like I should update from the last post about my drs appt regarding GD (gestational diabetes). I was very pleased to learn that the doctor not only feels I don't need shots but I also don't need any medication either. Just diet and exercise. Of course. Because I was so good at that before getting pregnant... No seriously, I'm very pleased that this can be managed in that way and I can avoid having to add any meds to my bloodstream. I got my little One Touch at-home glucose testing kit and have to prick myself 4 times a day, 4 days a week. So far my numbers are within the ranges that they want. Ah-hem, well, except for the post-meal reading and the next morning reading after I over-indulged on Pizza Cottage Saturday. We'll call it a lesson in learning about my limits. :) My morning reading today was fantastic though so healthy eating gets me right back on track. I'm sure the 45-min (but very slow) hike helped on Sunday too. There were even hills involved!

So while there are worries to be had like, how in the world will I get everything accomplished that I want to before she comes?!?, there are also the blessings of the current kids in my family to remind me that it'll all be okay. When she comes, she'll work her way into the family just like each of them have and as long as she's got a safe place to sleep, diapers and a food supply, she'll be set for a while.

And in the meantime, while I've still got a fighting chance, I'm taking a nap.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Third Trimester!!

Well, it's official. Despite my little pregnancy ticker which is off by 2 days, I'm officially 3 days into my 28th week which also means 3 days into my third trimester! Feeling pretty good still though I have to plot now how I will get up from the couch and out of the car. Ha!! I did find out that I have gestational diabetes so I'll head to the dr today to find out what all that will entail. So far it sounds like they'll manage it with meds & diet since my numbers weren't incredibly high. They actually said "we're going to treat it as though you have gestational diabetes" rather than "whoa, sister! You've got it!!" At this point I have 12 weeks until my due date and as my dear friend/cousin Amy said, "You can do anything for 12 weeks!" Even watching my sugar intake ;) At least with proper monitoring, the pregnancy has a really high chance of maintaining just fine and the baby can remain healthy. And that makes me happy. :)

So, since I should not spend a lot of time on here so that I'm not late, I'll wrap up with a picture of the travel system that I've picked out for Sonnie. While I do love the color pink, I am not all that crazy about having pink everything for the baby. I want lots of bright colors like yellows, oranges, & reds. If we were doing a nursery, it'd be all yellow & orange. But since Graco doesn't do much in those colors (that I like anyway...they were all too pastel for my taste), I did some searching and found this darling set. Not glaringly girly but enough flair for Mommy (without too much flair for Daddy!).

That trim is in red, not hot pink by the way. Of course Graco is no longer supplying it but I did find a website from a store based in CA that has it. Graco's also coming out with a different travel system in the same pattern in April if that doesn't work out. Here's hoping one works out. Mommy's got her heart set on it. ;)

Oh, and one more thing...went to a Thirty One party to benefit a friend's adoption and bought a pair of these for Sonnie with her name embroidered on them in place of "Princess":

I've been so blessed with offers of hand-me-downs for so many things (not to mention all the stuff we already have on hand for my step-daughter) that I haven't bought her anything but one dress the day we found out she's a girl. I'm so excited about this diaper cover though! It'll make for the cutest lil newborn picture! :)

Okay, enough baby talk...I really must go!

Saturday, March 5, 2011


We have been blessed with a week in Hilton Head, SC. It has been FABULOUS!! So relaxing and nice to get away from the Ohio weather for a bit. Here are some favorite pictures of the week. :)

This is the light hitting the water while we were on a boating trip to see dolphins.

One of the dolphins we spotted. We saw quite a few on this trip. We also saw some while walking along the beach one day but didn't get any pictures of those.
The main entrance to our condo. Look at how GREEN it is!!

We found this beach after we drove by the small airport that was behind where we were staying. There was a park that felt like Hocking Hills where you parked and then there was this very quiet beach behind it. It was interesting to smell the combo of the woods and the ocean all mixed together.
More of the beach at the park.

Underneath a pier - I had a very similar shot this time last year when I headed to NC with my cousins/besties.
My feet belong in the sand. :)
View from the lighthouse tour we took. At 26 weeks pregnant and no elevator, I was pretty glad that the lighthouse was as short as it was!

And just to show what 26 weeks pregnant looks like for me, here it is! I felt like I got huge this week!
♥ Me & my sweetie on the beach ♥
♥ Us on the boating trip ♥

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